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Why should I use checklists?

Checklists help you prepare better and more thoroughly for a task. Checklists give you a plan in the form of step-by-step instructions that you can use as a guide as you work through each step. This can help you save time, avoid forgetting things, and feel more confident about completing a task. When you use a checklist, you can mentally go through the steps to be performed in advance. This allows you to check that all the steps are clear and understandable to you. By using a checklist, a larger task is automatically broken down into smaller subtasks, making it easier for you to complete it step by step. Finally, a checklist can help you avoid procrastinating or putting off tasks. A checklist shows you which steps to start with and what you need to do next to complete a task successfully.

How are the checklists created?

To create a checklist, I search the Internet for information on the topic and for existing checklists. I compile the information and checklists I find to create a checklist that is as complete as possible. I then add my own experience on the topic. The checklists on all have the same structure, so you can get started right away.

What types of checklists are available at

Checklists can be created as “Do-Confirm” checklists and “Read-Do” checklists. With “Do-Confirm” checklists, you perform the activities from memory and then use a checklist to verify that you did everything correctly. “Read-Do” checklists tell you what to do. Activities are performed and checked off after completion. The checklists on are all designed as “Read-Do” checklists.

How do I use the checklists?

How you use a checklist depends on the checklist itself. For some checklists, the order in which you complete the steps is irrelevant, while for others you should start with the first step and work through the others one at a time. Checking off the steps as you complete them helps you keep track of your progress. It is also easy to pause your work and pick up the remaining steps at a later time.

Do I have to work through all the steps of a checklist?

The checklists are designed to be as comprehensive and step-by-step as possible to accommodate as many users as possible. Therefore, some steps may not make sense to you. Feel free to skip them.

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