Checklist: Winter Car Maintenance

Winter Car Maintenance Checklist

You want to perform the winter car maintenance on your own? I have compiled the necessary steps in a clear and structured manner in the following checklist. I wish you great success!

Winter Car Maintenance

Engine compartement
1. Windshield washer system
Fill antifreeze into the container for the windshield washer system
2. Engine coolant
Check antifreeze condition in coolant tank
3. Battery
Check the state of charge and the age of the battery
4. Engine oil
Check the level of the engine oil
5. Windshield
Check field of view for damages and scratches
6. Windshield wiper blades
Check condition of front and rear windshield wipers
7. Door locks
Treat door locks with a door lock deicer
8. Front lights
Check daytime running lights, parking lights, high and low beams, turn signals (also side), hazard warning lights and fog lights
9. Rear light
Check brake light, reversing light, rear fog light, license plate light, turn signal light and hazard warning light
10. Tires
Change to winter tires, check tread, age and air pressure of winter tires
11. Car wash
Perform a complete wash with wax and underbody cleaning
12. Door and trunk seals
Treat seals with rubber cleaner
13. Windows
Clean windows from the inside
14. Lighting
Check interior and trunk lights
15. Heating/air conditioning
Check heating capacity and ventilation
16. Seat heater
Check heating power
17. Car floor mats
Replace velour summer floor mats with rubber winter floor mats
18. Snow chains
19. Tow rope
20. Jumper cable
21. Hand brush
22. Snow shovel
23. Window cleaning sponge or window cleaning cloth
24. Door lock deicer
25. Ice scraper or windshield deicer
26. Ice protection film for the windshield
27. Gloves
28. Warm blanket
29. Flashlight incl. spare batteries
30. Cell phone charger
31. High visibility vest
32. Warning triangle
33. First aid kit
Check expiration date

Those were all steps for your winter car maintenance. I hope the checklist was helpful and I would be happy if you visit again.

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P.S.: All information was provided by me to the best of my knowledge, but I give no guarantee and make no claim to completeness and accuracy. If you have any suggestions for improving the checklist, please send me a message: For the creation of the checklist I used the following sources, among others: American Automobile Association, Advance Auto Parts, Pellman’s Auto, Shift Into Winter